Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lesson 6: Knowing you limit is far better than looking tough.

Went on a hike a few weeks ago up bell canyon. Hike with Ann up to the waterfall and she told me of a guy that got stabbed with a spear a few days earlier. I didn't believe her till another girl confirmed it.

Hiking with her was great it was my first time out this year and my hiking legs hadn't set in yet, the Falls was enough and I should have stopped there.

After a nice snack at the falls I joined three others guys for an adventure up to the a lake I wanted to look cool and tough for the girls also I wanted to go. It was supposed to be about twice as far as the Falls...boy was that wrong...we got up to snow level and my calves did their traditional cramping up and I had to slow to the pace of a snail. I felt like a wimp the other guys were just fine. Luckily none of the girls came and saw me in this sad state.

Anyway after six hours or up up up up up then down down down...I was so soar and beat I was walking like a grandpa. None of us even made it to the lake. I can't remember the last time a hike kicked my butt, but bell canyon did! It woke me up and rang my bell. I heard it loud and clear, it said you need to get out and hike more, and I do to prep for the Sawtooths and Tetons which I am doing both in August...pray for my calves.

Lesson 6...I learned in the end I was glad I did it even if it wasn't pretty I felt I had accomplished something really hard and that made me feel good. Sometimes pretty is over rated. Knowing your limits is also a good thing.


  1. Lesson 7: Girls will like you even if they can hike better than you:) I speak from experience.

  2. Ha Ha thanks stace...good to know cause I'm going with some girls to Sawtooth's in August backpacking and I'm totally not in shape yet.

    I actually almost talked one into going with us past the falls...told her it wasn't much further. Boy that woulda' been a lie and a half. :)