Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lesson 6: Knowing you limit is far better than looking tough.

Went on a hike a few weeks ago up bell canyon. Hike with Ann up to the waterfall and she told me of a guy that got stabbed with a spear a few days earlier. I didn't believe her till another girl confirmed it.

Hiking with her was great it was my first time out this year and my hiking legs hadn't set in yet, the Falls was enough and I should have stopped there.

After a nice snack at the falls I joined three others guys for an adventure up to the a lake I wanted to look cool and tough for the girls also I wanted to go. It was supposed to be about twice as far as the Falls...boy was that wrong...we got up to snow level and my calves did their traditional cramping up and I had to slow to the pace of a snail. I felt like a wimp the other guys were just fine. Luckily none of the girls came and saw me in this sad state.

Anyway after six hours or up up up up up then down down down...I was so soar and beat I was walking like a grandpa. None of us even made it to the lake. I can't remember the last time a hike kicked my butt, but bell canyon did! It woke me up and rang my bell. I heard it loud and clear, it said you need to get out and hike more, and I do to prep for the Sawtooths and Tetons which I am doing both in August...pray for my calves.

Lesson 6...I learned in the end I was glad I did it even if it wasn't pretty I felt I had accomplished something really hard and that made me feel good. Sometimes pretty is over rated. Knowing your limits is also a good thing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesson 5:Locked Doors

Drivers side door got stuck. Getting sick of climbing in the passenger side. The first time my little honda has failed me. Thought of leaving the window down and riding dukes of hazard style.

What about dating am I going to have to let the lucky girl in first and climb over her. Hmmm...on the positive side that may actually be fun.

Lesson 5 always look on the positive side of things and this includes other peoples's always make life much sweeter.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lesson 4:Does clumsy dwarf ie...(Dopey) really get the ladies

I was told this week by a girl that the cutest I looked while dating her was when my hair was long and I messed it up to stick out all poofy on the sides as a goofy joke.

I didn't believe her till I was at a singles lunch and my brain turned off. I picked up my water put my mouth on the straw then tilted the glass as if drinking from the glass. Half the glass of water poured right into my lap. A new cute girl sitting next to me thought it was so funny. She said she wanted to sit by me every week so she wouldn't miss the next time it happened.

Maybe there is some truth to it after all.

So in closing if you wanna impress your significant other, don't watch where you are walking and run head first into a light pole, get spanked by a diving board trying an impossible dive, pee on an eletric fence, or dump a glass of water in your crotch. (All of which I have done by the way.) If that's the case why the freak am I still single. Lol.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lesson 3:Pandora a window in time

Punched "fat boys" into pandora radio today and was whisped back to a time when rappers ruled with words. Hammer, Public Enemy, and ll cool J.

My friend MC Mattmiester Carlson and I once won a new years dance contest hammer style. (First concert BTW).

Thank you pandora for helping me realize how cool I really am regardless of what my nieces and nephews think.

Lesson three cool is what you say it is...!!!!

We COOL? Booooooyeeee! Woop the' it is! Can't touch this!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lesson 2:Boiling Point - Melted by Snow

I learned tonight that 50 minutes of not moving on a snowy freeway when you are one mile from your exit is my boiling point. Pounding my fist on the seat and head on the steering wheel i prayed angry "why is this happening when im so close to home then the anger turned to pleading, please i don't care how slow just let this line of cars move!"

Two seconds later the car slowly started to move.

Note to self, pleading in a prayer gets a better response than anger.

When I arrived home the trees were beautifully laced with soft white snow and as I gazed at it for a moment it brought a sense of peace and a wish I was strapped in on a mountain somewhere with a boarding buddy.

Lesson 1:My first blog

I have always wanted to blog but had never gotten around to it. Like so many things in life...the simple lack of motivation is all that stood in my way. You may ask...why change now? Well I recently met a blogger and was
inspired. So this first entry is dedicated to my blogger friend for giving me the inspiration.

Here are my thoughts. This weekend I went to two General Conference parties. One was a bbq where the guys out numbered the girls, the other was a breakfast with ten girls and me. While I loved both I tend to wonder why singles gatherings seem to be lopsided? Let's even it out if we can. Those poor ten girls had only me. Though I think I handled it well, huh...hum. (clearing throat, chest out) I think it'd been more fun for them if they weren't stuck with my sorry butt. Though I have been told it was cute recently I don't think a single cute butt will get the job done.

We'll hope tonight's activity is more even. My butt is getting tired of pulling all the weight.